Senior Class

The Senior club has a regular membership and a good spread of ages, from 15 up to 65 (in principle).The class caters for students of all abilities. Beginners can join at any time. We have a friendly and welcoming club.

warm up class

Classes start with traditional etiquette, warm up exercises and breakfall practice. Breakfalls are an important part of practice. The class progresses to techniques, which vary from week to week. An important part of training is learning to be tori and uke. That means taking on the role of both attacker and defender, of learning how to perform a technique and how to breakfall from a throw.

Breakfall from a throw

Learning self defence techniques forms part of the syllabus.

Escape from strangle

Instructor demonstrating an arm-break seoinage throw, one of the more advanced techniques

Since many real-life situations often end on the floor, we practice ground fighting techniques.

Ground work techniques

Senior students learn awareness, how to defend against aggression, and how to defend both from standing and on the ground. More advanced techniques involve defending against attacks with weapons such as knife and stick.

Syllabus includes:

As knowledge and experience develops, your self-confidence will grow and often unconsciously you become a "harder target".

Dartford Ju Jitsu