Junior Classes

Junior students span from ages 7 to 14. All classes begin with a warm up, followed by breakfall practice and then techniques. Balance, concentration and understanding are all part of the lessons. We promote team games and partner work. We have a "honourary" black belt which is awarded for outstanding performance to a different student every week.

girls practice

One of the main aims of the class is to make children a "harder" target. A harder target is less vulnerable to attack. This includes unwelcome attention from adults, from other children and hopefully from other distractions which tempt children as they grow older.

The "test of twelve" are important things parents should be confident their children understand before allowing them to go out alone. We can help parents by giving children an opportunity to put theory into practice. Details of the "test of twelve" can be found here. Gavin de Becker's book "Protecting the Gift" is a recommended read for all parents.

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There is a competitive element to Ju Jitsu called Kumite. Students are encouraged to practice techniques within the rules and to take part in competitions when ready.

We have gradings about twice a year and students can attempt a whole belt or achieve intermediate tags to demonstrate their progress.

Dartford Ju Jitsu Club Team 2009


Dartford Ju Jitsu Club Team

We have a robust child safeguarding policy which you can see here.

2012 Junior Grading

Junior Grading